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Pet Hair Grooming Glove

Pet Hair Grooming Glove


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Buy one glove, get 3 functions: removing, grooming, massaging, avoiding repeating purchasing.

Cleaning Glove for Hair Removing on couch, carpet, cat bed., etc.

Gentle Grooming Brush: this soft mitt groomer turns petting into an effective shedding that brushes pet hairs off, light tangles, and undercoats efficiently. This pet brush glove has 255 higher silicon tips to collect more furs.

Large and durable silicone surface reduce harm to both you and your pets.

The adjustable wrist Nylon stripe allows all hands size can wear it easily.

No stuff feeling when wearing, as the breathable mesh fabric allows the air can come in and out freely.

3 colors available for your choice. Each color is adorable for both pets and pet parents.

Style available:  one right-hand piece, or one pair.

Care: Wash with water and hand it dry.


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