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Tip Seal Kit for Edwards nXDS Series-nXDS 6i/10i/15i/20i

Tip Seal Kit for Edwards nXDS Series-nXDS 6i/10i/15i/20i

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Why Choose us?

The dry scroll pumps require routine maintenance and simple infrequently seal replacement, this procedure is important to prevent potential issues.

Our tip seal service kit are exclusively formulated and manufactured by professional RD teams and thousands of on-site testing and practice, have been used and recognized by scientific labs and instruments, research centers worldwide, can reliably serve scroll vacuum pump and reduce down-time and costly service expense. The alternative option is lower cost than genuine one, but the same performance as that.

Package: including tip seal*2 pieces, yellow, light weight 100 gram. The package comes with a white box, including 2 pieces of tip seal, long enough for the 2 scroll tip grooves, namely on the stationary plate and the orbiting plate.

Available for Edwards Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump Model: nXDS series, namely

nXDS6i / 10i / 15i / 20i and XDS5/10/35i/46i.

Warranty: 1 Year


  • Cost-down Your Routine Maintenance
  • 2.Reliable and Excellent Working Performance
  • 3.PTFE for Long Service Time
  • 4.Easy to install and long guarantee: 


1. Follow the Quick Guide instructions available on official website to get a successful replacement.

2. A tip seal replacement is easy to perform, takes about 30 minutes, and uses only common tools (not included).

3. Run pump for about 40 hours (highly recommended) after finishing the replacement for optimum performance, as pumps with newly installed tip seals may require several days of operation to seat properly and achieve desired pressure and pumping speed.

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Frequent Asked

Edwards tip seal kit

Why your tip seal looks different from genuine?

Our exclusive formulated tip seal selected raw material and tested thousands of times by on-sites teams, ensuring the most optimized performance as the genuine one.

How long will you guarantee for the tip seal?

We offer long warranty of 12 months from order date. Find our support for your pump by email us: or drop us a message from here: contact us

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